On a physical level we all know our features, name, parents, home, education, nationality and religion. These basic details defines our outer identity. Our inner Identity is known through the knowledge of the soul. Soul is a tiny point of light where it is positioned in the middle of the forehead behind the eyes and its parent is the Supreme soul and Home is above this Universe – Land of Peace. The soul’s religion is Peace. My original Identity is that ‘I am a Peaceful Soul’. Knowledge of the Soul itself gives me awareness of my true self and Inner Peace can be experienced as my birthright.

‘Inner Peace’ is the key to unlock all treasures of goodness and Inner Powers. When I centre my awareness to a still Point in my mind, it is then that I can begin to concentrate and access real power. Life begins to become more Purposeful, Meaningful and Valuable. Raja Yoga Meditation is a technique that is simple and an effective method to use for creating ‘Inner Peace’.

How do I meditate?
The first step is bring my attention in the present moment by breathing in and out using your lungs. Then take your attention away from the physical. Let go of all the outer identity and connect to the inner identity. Bring your attention to the centre of your forehead where you the tiny star, are like a point of light, where the soul is located. In this position, begin to contemplate all the thoughts that emerge positive feelings and visualize its energy transmitting into the entire body. Begin to feel calm, cool, clear, stable and quiet. One can do this sitting quietly in a silent space or using soothing music in the background. Take yourself into a Spa of ‘Inner Peace’ through ‘Soul Consciousness

Reflective Questions

  1. What does peace feel like for you?

  2. What takes your peace away during your day?

  3. How do you stabilize yourself in times of chaos? Tell a story.

  4. What image represents peace in your life?

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