Respect for God
It’s easy to think about self-respect and respect for others, but what does it really mean to have respect for God? First, we need an understanding of who God is and what He actually does. If we understand that God is the remover and sorrow and bestower of happiness, then as God’s child, it gives an indication of how we should interact with others; it’s a question of understanding what God values. God values every single one of us and so we need to value each other. Every time we perform an action we can ask ourselves ‘is this an action that God would like’?

Of course none of us are perfect, but what’s required is simply an honest heart and the ability to admit our weaknesses. At the same time, it’s having the deep desire to change. To respect God also means to follow his teachings. Whatever our religious background, there is a code of conduct that should be followed, and so the question we can ask ourselves is ‘do our actions actually reflect that we are God’s children’?

Reflective Questions
1.  If you had to write down the top 5 things that you value, would God be at the top of the list?

2. Think of a relationship that is currently challenging. What change could you make in that relationship, that would highlight your respect for God?




Respect is a virtue that emerges within the self when there is a sense of value, appreciation and regard.  When I recognize my inner value then I can recognize the value of others. Staying in my self-respect creates confidence. 
This gives courage to the self to stand up for our rights ad be responsible for our actions.

How can I value myself without falling into the trap of ego and arrogance?
Sometimes we can have the ego of too much self-respect. Other times we destroy our respect by becoming influenced because of compassion, inferiority and being impressed by others. When I recognize that true respect comes by staying  in the awareness of the eternal self, my mind remains still and stable. It is I this state of being that I can draw light from the almighty naturally. This is known as being spiritually aligned. When I am in my spiritual alignment the respect can be given and received with humility.

Fear and force are energies which destroy our self-respect in all areas of life. If I depend on external forces like name, fame, race, religion, gender, status, nationality and form, there will be a lot of insecurity which is the basis of disrespect. Let me therefore recognize and stay in my true spiritual awareness so that I remain in my respect no matter what the external energies maybe.

When I respect my own thoughts and time, I can work towards building my true identity, which the soul reflects. We souls operate from a deep sense of truth and peace naturally. The key in this is to care for the self no matter what obstacle life may bring in front of us. Let me keep measuring my respect based on inner qualities and I can be immune to all conflicts around me.

Life is such a journey that if you look for respect it will never come. However, if your work is done with respect and love, life will always gravitate respectful people, words and opportunities. You will be recognized as a respectful personality. Always stay in your self-respect no matter how much or many defamation or insult you may have to receive. If we continue with this principle what we will gain is humility and tolerance, there is never a loss when you stand by your true virtue.

If we stabilize ourselves in our elevated awareness of self-respect, then the regard of others will follow like a shadow.

Reflective Questions

  1. Think of someone who is an inspiring example of respect, what makes them so respectful?
  2. Remember a time when you were in your self-respect, what did you feel like and how did others respond to you?
  3. Think of someone, who in your past, defamed and insulted you. What did you feel at that time, how did you respond?
  4. What three methods would you use in the future if you faced disrespectful and insulting situations?

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