Simplicity in Relationships

Every single human being needs to feel loved, valued, respected and appreciated. Our relationships become the means through which these basic needs are met.  They allow us to express the love, peace and happiness that we are.  Unfortunately, most of us tend to put the task before the relationship, so that the ego can feel a sense of achievement.

 The result is that we become dependent on the belief that my sense of value will increase if the task is successful.  Ask yourself, how many relationships have been destroyed due to such beliefs?  I remember many years ago when I was attending a professional development course for teachers and we were asked how many children had we killed!!  And so our relationships have become complicated because we project our insecurities and fears onto others and instead of giving, which is an inseparable part of relationship, we end up taking.  In this way we go against the law of love which is simply to give.

Simplicity in relationships requires a deep understanding of ourselves - our strengths and weaknesses.  It’s a question of being present and being able to be a detached observer even of your own self.  When there is space inside, we are able to simplify our thinking and thereby create thoughts that are positive and powerful.  Instead of reacting we learn to respond in a calm and meaningful way.  We understand that our inner stability can help to create a solid foundation upon which relationships can be built.  When there is stability, there is trust.  Trust creates a feeling of security as there are no unexpected reactions. 

To improve our relationship with ourselves and others we need a clear and constant connection with God.  God’s vision for every soul is very elevated and He constantly sees our highest form.  Through the practice of Raja Yoga meditation I learn to see myself as I really am and others as they really are.

Reflective question

Reflective question:

Identify 2 things that you can change in your life to create more inner space.



If we look at our world today we are taught that the more you have the more you are.  We measure our value on the possessions we have and the positions we hold.  The result is that we end up losing ourselves in the expansion.  Simplicity teaches us to go back to the essence.  It’s being able to live our truth in a world of complexity and falsehood. 

 The first truth is the understanding of who we are. 

 It’s the expression of our original qualities - love, peace, happiness, wisdom and purity which stem from the awareness of being a spiritual being.  This brings clarity of mind and enables us to align our actions with our innate qualities.  Our relationships change as we learn to let go of expectations and exercise our power of acceptance.  We begin to surrender the images in the mind of how things should be and we learn to work with things as they really are. 

The second truth is the understanding that we all belong to God.  This understanding creates a feeling of unity, a feeling of closeness.  The illusion of being separate ends and we are able to reconnect with God.  In this way we align our principles with the highest authority.  External attractions finish and the soul once again realises its innate value – that it needs nothing because it is everything.

Reflective question

Reflective Question:

What are some of the beliefs that you have about yourself that takes you into expansion?


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