In a world torn apart by materialistic values which are the root of all suffering, the message of the Brahma Kumaris is that if we want peace, happiness and prosperity we need to live with spiritual values. The essence of spirituality is knowing how to live with meaning and purpose. This journey begins by exploring who we truly are to rediscover our true nature and connect with the Divine Source so that we can live with a higher consciousness. To share this profound message in Africa, the journey began in 1974, with Brahma Kumaris Centres being established and the teaching of Raja Yoga Meditation.


Regional Coordinator - Sr Vedanti

Vedantiben 1 Sister Vedanti, a woman of vision, resilience, courage and determination - balanced with a humble and loving nature, is the Regional Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Africa. She was born in India and after graduating from Gujarat University with a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and Psychology, she dedicated her life to the teachings and work of the Brahma Kumaris. Although based in India, she held the vision that these spiritual teachings are valuable for people of all cultures and traditions. She felt deeply, that the foundation of spirituality is what unifies, all differences can be overcome and people can live more fulfilled lives. In 1974 she accepted the challenge to come to Africa, to establish centres of meditation and spiritual learning.

Regional Coordinating Office - Nairobi, Kenya

Serve Africa Retreat Centre Nairobi

Established in 1978, all major projects and initiatives are co-ordinated from Nairobi for Africa.Today it serves as both a co-ordinating office as well as a retreat centre. The Serve Africa Retreat Centre regularly hosts retreats and programs to serve both the local communities of Nairobi as well as internationally. Annually one of the most important roles it plays is to offer ongoing training and sustenance for the teachers and students of Africa.   



Serve Africa Project


We are all part of one family. It does not matter from what part of Africa or the world we come from, we are connected through our values. We desire the same peace, love, respect and happiness as our neighbour. When we strip away our roles and outward differences, we discover that we are indeed all the same, beautiful and amazing shining lights brothers and sisters. In African culture Ubuntu speaks of our interconnectedness and the responsibility to each other that flows from this connection. As an African and a global citizen our task is simply to unveil our own inner beauty and see it reflected in another person.

It is in this spirit that the Serve Africa project was conceived. In 2004 the Brahma Kumaris in Africa made a bold commitment to grow their activities beyond 16 countries in Africa, to giving more people the opportunity of learning meditation and engaging in a spiritual study for personal transformation. From 2004 to 2006 students and teachers from Africa and around the world worked together in a grand outreach project, resulting in that we now have 78 centres dotted across the continent. The project resulted in the empowerment of so many, both teachers, volunteers and individuals from many cultures and walks of life finding new meaningful ways of integrating spiritual values and meditation in their lives to enhance their wellbeing and service to humanity.

Commitment, Enthusiasm, Action Dedication, Creativity, Cooperation, Courage, Determination and Love were some of the ingredients which made this project such a success. The glowing faces when sharing their adventures, the stories of personal transformation and the depth of experience of spiritual connection with the Divine are a testament of its success