From the time of birth on this Planet, humanity has always played a wonderful role to serve mother nature.  From worshipping the elements, religious rituals in festive seasons, to energy conservation techniques to eco-friendly lifestyles. We are souls who have been known as creators who have taken care of plants, animals and environment.  However, times have changed and we have lost that sense of control or care for mother earth. Having taken so much from matter, we have misused it and given nothing back except toxic waste and polluted earth. Today, we have treated matter not as our creation, but as a vehicle for destruction. 
Earth’s damage is not fixable now. Only a great transformational shift can renew life to its flourishing stage. A cycle of new energy and a golden period for earth has yet to come. Before this period comes, let us prepare our inner worlds to give peace to earth through meditation and reflection. Whatever we have taken as a support, we can give back by cultivating peace from God and vibrating that energy to all life. This is the greatest charity and best way to exercise forgiveness. 
We can generate peace for the self, we can connect to the Ocean of Peace, God and we can share peace to the world in our meditations. We know the methods and so let us  take time during the day in silent contemplation to do the Peace Work. However, it is equally important to know what causes this peace to disappear suddenly? There are three robbers of peace that steal our peace which exist in our mind. They are: Fear, Worry and Pain.  Fear comes when we do something against our conscience.  Worry comes when we question everything about past and future. Pain comes when we get attached to the situations, people and ideas that are disturbing. 
To re-create inner peace, we need the ability to reverse the pattern of thinking. When fear comes, it signals to follow your inner conscience and consciously choose not to be influenced by others who expect or judge us from their perspectives.  When worry comes, let me ground myself in the present, keep a bigger and brighter vision of life and questions will disappear.  Allow the heart to open and learn the art of appreciation and acceptance. To transform pain, connect to God and attach your mind to His mind alone in Yoga. Only then, can you detach from the limited situation, person or idea. Step back and observe, one will be able to see solutions quickly and find the power to act upon it. 
Stay in Peace, keep the Source of Peace aligned to your life and you will be the an agent of Peace. Peace Messengers are God’s Angels for the World. Om Shanti. ‘Om’ means ‘I am a soul’ and ‘Shanti’ means Peace.
icon reflective questionReflective Questions
1. Looking at the day, what ways do I serve nature?
2. What causes you to loose peace during the day?
3. Knowing that earth is on a transformational stage, what preparation have you made for the sudden shift in axis? If none, then what could be a plan to put in place?
4. Matter is always changing, time is changing and self needs to change, only God stays constant. What good habits do you have in your life which has a positive benefit to yourself and the world around you.

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