Knowing that I the soul am Peace and God is my Provider, it makes sense to recognize God as the Source of Peace. The Peace that God has is a Peace that fuels the soul’s peace. God the Supreme Soul can also be known as the Ocean of Peace. He is the One and only Soul who has no Provider or a body of His own that limits His potential in the journey of life and death unlike us. This is why His quality of Peace is Unlimited and altruistic. He is the True Peace Giver. His Peace is not like that of a graveyard, holiday destination or holy shrine. The Peace that God vibrates is filled with so much purity, love, power, truth, bliss, wisdom and happiness. His Peace is so rich and nurturing that we souls in His connection begin to feel weightless, bodiless and real freedom.

When soul meets Supreme Soul, the benefit received is that this spiritual energy, makes me an authority of Peace and therefore a Messenger of Peace. I the soul can easily receive power to radiate this Peace throughout the whole world.
Where there is Peace, there is no war. Where there is Harmony there is no conflict. What would the vision of our world be like if we were a living model of such Peace in a natural way? God is Ocean of Peace and He can never give peacelessness. He never punishes us or makes us fearful. He only shows us the way to our peace by giving us the inner eye through spiritual insights.
It is in Raja Yoga Meditation where I can connect to God using the mind and intellect. Let me take my mind away from the outer labels and images of life and direct it to a still point of consciousness where I am aware of myself as a point of peaceful light. When I am stabilized in soul consciousness, I can travel beyond this material universe and return to our Home where God, the Supreme Soul, Ocean of Peace resides. This region in many religions is remembered as the Land of Peace, Heavenly Abode, Nirvana or Silent World. It is my original Home. It is from this Home where I the soul originally came down on earth from. This Home is where my eternal Parent, God the Supreme Soul the Point of Light wills to me all Powers and Qualities. This connection and link is called Yoga. This Yoga gives me such power that I the soul become so rich that this wealth makes me a Raja or King over my physical senses. I gain spiritual authority and power over my inner world.
When I am spiritually aligned to God, it is suddenly like having an internal compass set where you know where to go to get Peace. Peace begins to be so natural and easy to access, like a key I use to open the door to all spiritual insights and truths. The Value of soul now becomes Invaluable, priceless and precious. 

icon reflective questionReflective Questions

1. When during the day do I connect to God and how?
2. Remember a time you were in loss of any kind and God is who you turned towards. What was your conversation about? How did you understand God and yourself in this matter?
3. What did you gain from knowing God is Ocean of Peace and Supreme Soul who resides in the Supreme Abode, Land of Peace?
4. If you believe in God the Punisher, how does this new insight help change your view?



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