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Insights into Yourself

Peace of the Supreme

When we human beings begin to recognize that we are all souls in this world, and that we are beings of peace, the question arises, how do we maintain this peace in this present world of peacelessness? Where all human endeavors fail, we all look upwards for help, hope and miracles. Our attention turns towards someone out there who may pick up our distress signal and we look to see how the signal comes back to us in the form of an answer. It is when this answer comes, that do we experience a sense of security and safety which brings us souls to peace of mind. Who is that One who catches our signal and responds back by giving to us exactly what we souls need?

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The Language of Peace


  If you always think in the same way, it will always lead you to the same place.  Think in a new way and you will have new things to give to others.  Create peace in your mind and  you will create a world of Peace around you


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Thought of the Day

Patience | Day 15

Patience is your willingness to let time and life move forward at their own pace, without losing sight of your destination. When there’s no rush, no hurry, out goes anxiety, in comes peace of mind.

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