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Insights into Yourself

Peace in Relation to Nature and Matter

From the time of birth on this Planet, humanity has always played a wonderful role to serve mother nature.  From worshipping the elements, religious rituals in festive seasons, to energy conservation techniques to eco-friendly lifestyles. We are souls who have been known as creators who have taken care of plants, animals and environment.  However, times have changed and we have lost that sense of control or care for mother earth. Having taken so much from matter, we have misused it and given nothing back except toxic waste and polluted earth. Today, we have treated matter not as our creation, but as a vehicle for destruction. 

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The Language of Peace


  If you always think in the same way, it will always lead you to the same place.  Think in a new way and you will have new things to give to others.  Create peace in your mind and  you will create a world of Peace around you


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Thought of the Day

Letting Go of Sorrow

If I allow bitterness and resentment to fester inside, it will make my relationships guarded and unsatisfying. The more I close down to others, the more I become a stranger to myself. By letting go of sorrow and negativity, I can keep my nature open and loving. Remaining open to life, with its constant adventures and opportunities to grow, is the only way to reach my full potential.

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